ABDL NANNYabdl gallery van meesteres Petra
nanny petra baby wear
Nanny Petra will dress you up in Adult Baby wear
nanny petra high chair
I have a beautiful yellow custom-made Adult Baby highchair
nany petra cot
Custome made AB cot
nanny petra high chair feeding
Nanny Petra will put you in the high chair and nourish you with baby food and milky/fruit drinks in baby bottles.
nanny petra keep you dry and clean
Nanny Petra will keep you dry and clean with wet wipes, zinc cream, etc., using nappies and/or diapers.
Nanny Petra caters for little boys who don't like the colour pink!
Nanny Petra loves mindplay and is mindful of the needs of her special ABs, little ones and sissies. She listens and takes note!
Nanny petra will examine little ones if necessary